The Roosevelt-Bentman Trust for American Voters

The Roosevelt-Bentman Trust for American Voters is a charitable trust protecting existing civil rights, specifically voters’ First Amendment right be no less respected by their suffrage of party representatives as with public representatives, elected precinct party committee people are to be fully embodied under law in the representation of their constituents as no elected person is surplusage and his duties cannot be usurped.

Sadly, precinct party committee people are no longer part of the American political equation.  But that is not the law.  Each party’s precinct committee people are not modern day political surplusage, but constitutionally speaking, the backbone of the American political process.  As the Pennsylvania Supreme Court asserted in Bentman v. Seventh Democratic Ward  (1966):

"There must be “absolute assurance to the citizen that his wish as to the conduct of the affairs of his party may be expressed through his ballot, and thus given effect, whether it be in accord with the wishes of the leaders of his party or not, and that thus shall be put in effective operation, in the primaries, the underlying principle of democracy, which makes the will of an unfettered majority controlling.”

Being elected a precinct committee person is

    “a status now legally recognized, is an important right and privilege not only to the person elected but also to the voters who elected such person to act as their representatives on the committee.”

As written almost 60 years earlier by the New York’s highest court in People ex rel. Coffey v. Democratic General Committee (1900) and reaffirmed in In re Roosevelt (1958) it was pronounced that the purpose of electing precinct committeemen and committeewomen was

    “to construct the [party] from the bottom upwards, instead of permitting leaders to construct it from the top downwards.”

As the late Federal Judge Peter Collins Dorsey reminds us that the law

    “may not stand by, nor openly endorse or foster, a process which freezes out the right of party members to participate in the process.”

This is because

    “Political parties have no existence of their own, as they are the manifestation of their members’ choice to associate.  The party becomes the entity which seeks to achieve, for the membership, the ends for which the association came to exist.”

Electing people to office, be it public office or a party office, and expecting them to represent you, is your constitutional right.  It is this right which the Roosevelt-Bentman Trust seeks to protect.  For more information, download the Trust's 2012 Annual Report or a copy of the Trust's IRS Form 990, both which is public information. The Annual Report includes the Trust Agreement for all beneficiaries.


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Anti-Fat Cats Day is to prevent the ever-increasing discrepancy between what the national party committees raise and spend versus what state, county and local party committees (those closest to the voters) raise.

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