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We the People TODAY National Conference Calls
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Agriculture and Rural Affairs  $12.00
Bench and Bar  $12.00
Chamber of Commerce & NFIB  $12.00
Civil Rights and Liberties Issues  $12.00
Communications & Technology  $12.00
County Government Issues  $12.00
Ecumenical Issues  $12.00
Educational Affairs  $12.00
Emily’s List/Women’s Issues  $12.00
Environmental & Wildlife Protection  $12.00
Foreign Relations Issues  $12.00
Government Ethics & Accountability  $12.00
Healthcare and Social Security  $12.00
Historical Preservation Issues  $12.00
Labor Union  $12.00
Municipal Government Issues  $12.00
MoveOn.org/Progressive  $12.00
National Democratic Party  $12.00
National Republican Party  $12.00
Police/Fire/Public Safety  $12.00
State Democratic Party  $12.00
State Legislatures Issues  $12.00
State Republican Party  $12.00
Statewide Candidates  $12.00
Susan Anthony/Women’s Issues  $12.00
Tax Reform  $12.00
Tea Party/Conservative  $12.00
Transportation & Public Transit  $12.00
Urban Affairs  $12.00
Veterans Affairs  $12.00
Total:  $0  
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This is it. Now is the Time.
No more "inside-the-Beltway." We the People are taking back our Constitutional right of access to our elected public and party officials. Join up to 1.2 million of your fellow political party leaders, officials and activists as if you were inside the Congressional caucuses or party meetings.
Each party's National Party Conference Call allows you to interact with Congressional and Party Leaders in meaningful, peer-to-peer dialogue. Since you can’t go to the weekly Congressional Caucuses, the Caucuses come to you, every Tuesday at 9 PM Eastern, 6 PM Pacific.

For too long our courts have affirmed your constitutional right to do more than just vote, the First  Amendment guarantees you a seat at the table.  For a one-time, tax-deductible $12 registration fee, the doors to the corridors of Washington swing wide open.  And while social media is good, it never replaces personal interaction.

Evoke your First Amendment right for a one-time, tax-deductible $12 registration fee.* You get a weekly email reminder with accompanying agenda and join by webcast or telephone
. National Party Conference Calls are scheduled for at least twelve times a year (but not when Congress is on recess and during holidays).**

You are entitled to participate in your party's National Party Conference Call because you are a beneficiary of The Roosevelt-Bentman Trust for American Voters.  This website is too short an opportunity to tell you the story about the Trust.  Once you register for a one-time, tax-deductible $12 registration fee, download the Trust’s 2012 Annual Report and the General Beneficiary Notice for the complete story on how the Trust is protecting your First Amendment rights.

For more information, please click here.

Trustee Warranty, Terms and Conditions
* Under Pennsylvania law, portion of the registration fee may be reimbursable. The Trustee will inform all eligible registrants when to apply for reimbursement.  Download the General Beneficiary Notice for further information. ** Due to the high volume technology developed for the National Party Conference Calls, each party conference call will commence when at the Trustee's sole discretion, an adequate number of registrations is obtained equal to the high volume technology.  There is no refund if adequate number is not obtained, although right to reimbursement is not extinguished. The Trustee has the sole authority to substitute moderators, or to discontinue, suspend or terminate a National Party Conference Call(s) without notice and is not responsible for disclaimer of trust property or breach of fiduciary duty by any beneficiary or qualified beneficiary; or any labor, material, technical or transmission failure or Act of God. Any registrant claim for breach of fiduciary duty is against a beneficiary or qualified beneficiary which may be brought by arbitration proceedings before the Trustee. For complete description of terms and conditions, download Internal Operating Procedure Rule 7.
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